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2) Specific Instructions for a Pre-Proposal

To participate in the first round, competing for Finalist status and $5,000, you must begin by creating an account with contact information and other details, all via the submission-site link. Then, once you have decided on your concept and your team, you prepare a two-page pre-proposal. This should include a project description including the following elements (two pages max):
  • The targeted primary-care problem area or opportunity space.
  • The essence of your proposed solution.
  • A statement briefly indicating your personal goals and contributions to the group project or your mentor’s laboratory efforts. This statement may be uploaded as a separate additional page via the site, if desired.
  • A listing of all collaborators, including students, faculty, and clinicians. Involving clinical collaborators is strongly encouraged. Please include position and institution for each collaborator.
  • A scan of a signed institutional letter of support from an institutional official, as described in step 5 below.
You are encouraged to review the evaluation criteria for this competition, and even the full-proposal guidelines for the ultimate five Finalists to get a better sense of the priorities of this competition.
The two-page project description should be converted into a single PDF file to upload online at the submission-site link
Pre-proposals will be accepted from 4/3/17 to 5/1/17, and can only be submitted through our submission-site link.  They are due by midnight EST on May 1st.
In preparing your short pre-proposal entry for consideration, follow these steps:
  1. Review this additional potentially helpful document:
    1. Evaluation Criteria for Student Primary-Care Prize
  1. Form your collaboration team (if applying as a team). Reaching out to primary-care clinicians will be invaluable.
  1. Visit the Submission Site to login (returning users) or register (new users). You will be required to authenticate your registration log-on identification via an email you will receive. You may choose to change your system-assigned password (through the settings tab on your profile page).
  1. Follow the steps on the Submission Site to prepare and upload your Pre-Proposal entry.  All text must be in a readable font (at least Arial 10 point), and margins must be at least 0.7 inches.
  1. Follow the appropriate step on the Submission Site  to upload your scan of the required Institutional Letter of Support. That signed Letter of Support (2 pages max) must be from a responsible Institutional Official, on their official letterhead for verification of authenticity. It needs to affirm three things:
    1. that the entrant is a student in good standing in the school,
    2. that the institution will accept responsibilities for oversight of any matters of compliance with their regulations and policies,
    3. that the institution will disburse the funds for purposes related to the advancement of the project or for benefit of the student’s career, and will not deduct any indirect-cost amounts or other handling fees.
Consult Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) for help with uploading video attachments.  Video material is encouraged to illustrate your concept or to present your thinking in personal terms.  Email with any questions not answered in the FAQ’s.
Students can only submit one application on behalf of their individual or team project.  However, there is no limit on the number of applications a university or program can submit.
Key dates:
January 23, 2017
April 3rd, 2017:
Site opens for establishing a log-in account
Submission site opens for pre-proposal upload
May 1st, 2017: Deadline for Pre-Proposal Upload
May 30th, 2017: 5 Finalists announced and $5K each distributed
August 28th, 2017: Submission process for Invited Finalists opens
Sept. 25th, 2017: Deadline for final proposals from 5 Finalists
Oct. 30th, 2017: Top two Winners announced and major awards distributed