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5) Full Proposal Guidelines

Student Technology Prize for Primary Healthcare

Full Proposal Application Guidelines for the 5 Invited Finalists:
Instructions on this page should be followed by the five student Finalists to submit their full proposal for the Student Technology Prize for Primary Healthcare. Full proposal applications are due Sept 25th, 2017 by no later than 11:59pm EST.

All applications must use the Submission Website. The site will be open to invited finalists for full proposal submissions beginning Aug. 28th, 2017.

To input your proposal online, you must upload a single file in a composite PDF format (less than 10MB in size) containing the following documents:
  1. A title page, including:
    a)  Project title
    b)  Name and contact information for the student team leader (email, phone, mailing address)
    c)  Names of all student team members, including department and level of education
    d)  Names, titles, and institutions of all non-student collaborators AND role in project
    (e.g., mentor, clinical advisor, technical advisor, etc.)
    e)  Name, title contact information for the responsible institutional official, signature, and
    date (i.e., an "Institutional Official” is an individual with authority to accept
    responsibility for funds and to signoff on behalf of the applicant institution)
    f)  Name, title and contact information for department head or faculty mentor.
2.  Body of the project text (no more than 20 pages in length). Sections of the project text should include:
a)  Aims
b)  Specific goals
c)  Methodology
d)  Description of any prototype and/or pilot data
e)  Comparative advantages and disadvantages with respect to other know technologies
or approaches considered
f)  Advantages over typical current primary-care practices
g)  Summary of conclusions

3.  Additional pages of detailed figures (drawings, photographs, graphs, etc.), if needed, up to 10 pages in number. If your composite PDF exceeds 15 MB, please email before the deadline to receive instructions for submission.

4.  Video attachment is allowed IF useful in conveying function or results, no more than 10 minutes in length! Any videos you may have of your final projects can be posted to YouTube (or any other video hosting site) and the link should be included in your final submission. Please opt for the "private" posting option rather than the "public" posting.
5.  Additional instructions:
        a)  All text must be in a readable font (at least Arial 10 point), and margins must be at least 0.5 inches.
        b)  Announcement of the two top winners will be made by Oct 30th, 2017. Those two will receive $100,000 and $50,000, respectively. (The funds will be transferred to the student(s)' home institution for appropriate dispersal.)
       c) Email with questions.