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4) Evaluation Criteria for Student Prize

Evaluation Criteria for Student Technology Prize for Primary Healthcare
Students should anticipate that most of the following evaluation criteria will be considered by those judging a Final Proposal submission, for anyone chosen as a Finalist.  In a more abbreviated fashion, attention to these criteria in your Pre-Proposal will be worthwhile.
1) Innovation:
a) Originality – Disruptive technologies are sought, unconstrained by the forces of current fee-for-service reimbursement patterns, but offering better outcomes
b) Leverage – Applying innovations from fields outside of healthcare
2) Impact:
a) Scope of the need
b) Practicality – For example, materials, cost, power requirements if relevant, and “fit” with medical culture
c) Accuracy, if relevant (e.g., for diagnostics)
d) Generalizability – Flexibility to fit different venues of practice and clinical scenarios
e) Safety – Reduction of risk and avoidance of new risks
f) Patient comfort, demand and/or need
g) Simplification – Streamlining clinical work processes
h) Clinician’s usability
3) Implementation:
a) Time-to-market – Identification of obstacles and appropriate tactics for surmounting them
b) Cost-efficacy
b) Desired use of any Award Funds